Service Program

Maintenance and service of the Sterilis machine will be supplied by Sterilis service organization who have 27 years of experience servicing electromechanical devices. The service organization consists of 6 customer service agents, 5 service engineers, and 95 full time service technicians who service the United States and Canada. The service technicians are highly trained in electro-mechanical products and have company service vehicles and tools and equipment necessary to service the Sterilis device. The service technicians carry “trunk inventory” of various parts and tools necessary to complete the service in a timely manner. Sterilis provides a 24 hour service guarantee.

The Sterilis device has a built-in Wi-Fi system enabling Sterilis service engineers to remotely diagnose service issues. The device is programmed to instantly notify our service engineers via an email of an impending issue. The Service Engineers will assess the issue and commence service protocol and procedures, all which include an immediate response, electronic documentation, timely service call, resolution to customer satisfaction, and follow up customer service.

Please contact us for more information on the features and benefits of Sterilis, LLC.

The Sterilis System provides ease of use, safety, convenience and cost savings features in one remarkable device!

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