The Sterilis Solutions System is the easiest of its kind:

  • Log-In - {Enter your pin code and the waste stream}
  • Load - {Put waste in vessel}
  • Start Button - {Click START}
  • Unload - {After 60 minutes, pick up the bag throw it in the trash}

Simple Compliance Reporting from Network Storage.

The Sterilis Solutions System provides safety, simplicity and sustainability in one remarkable device!

Please contact us for more information on the features and benefits of Sterilis Solutions.

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  • Plug and Play Ready
  • One Touch Activation
  • Fully enclosed self-contained system - no plumbing
  • Occasional water added
  • The quietest medical waste device of its kind - less than 60db
  • Processed medical waste can safely be disposed in regular trash
  • Automated web-based record keeping and reporting