26-Aug-2016 to 26-Aug-2016

Industry Disrupter Will Profoundly Change the Way Medical Waste is Managed

(August 22, 2016 Boxborough, MA) -- Sterilis LLC, provider of an innovative regulated medical waste remediation device, announced today that Seth Yellin, MD has joined its advisory board.

Seth Yellin is a progressive leader,” said Bob Winskowicz, CEO of Sterilis. “He will help Sterilis change the current non-sustainable and costly regulated medical waste industry with a safer, fixed-cost solution for the healthcare market.”

Dr. Yellin is Founder and Director of Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center, in partnership with Marietta Dermatology & The Skin Care Center, the largest private dermatology group in Georgia. As one of Atlanta’s most well respected Facial Plastic Surgeons, he has treated thousands of patients during more than 20 years in practice. Dr. Yellin was formerly Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Emory Healthcare (1999-2011) and Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of eMedicalFiles, Inc.

“Sterilis is an industry disrupter that will profoundly change the way medical waste is managed. No longer is it acceptable to package, store and transport the massive quantities of medical waste generated by the United States medical system to a few processing plants scattered across the country,” said Dr.Yellin. “The inherent liability and risks of trucking contaminated waste across the country for disposal, the fossil fuel consumed in the process, and the greenhouse gases generated make this mode of medical waste disposal both outdated and expensive. By treating contaminated medical waste of all kinds on site, at the location where it is created, and then disposing of the treated material as regular trash, medical facilities will lower their costs, our roads will be less crowded and safer and the environment will benefit. Everybody wins!”

Sterilis has developed patented technology that combines steam sterilization with a grinder, allowing regulated medical waste (RMW) to be treated on-site and on-demand at point-of-care in about an hour. It turns RMW into harmless confetti, which can then be thrown out with regular trash. It’s portable, requires no plumbing, plugs into a standard outlet, and operates through a touch screen for easy use. The device is being used in a variety of regulated medical waste settings including hospitals, community needle-drop centers, dialysis clinics, surgery centers, dermatology and ophthalmology practices, health clinics, prisons, clinical labs, and nursing homes.


ABOUT STERILIS: Creator of innovative technology that turns regulated medical waste into harmless, confetti-like material that can be thrown out with the regular trash. Sterilis devices are American-made in Springfield, Massachusetts and can be found in markets including healthcare, public safety (fire and police departments) and aviation.  The company is privately held and headquartered in Boxborough, Massachusetts. For more information and photography, contact Mike Ferris- SVP Sterilis at mferris@sterilismedical.com